Monday, 13 July 2009

Three things must you know ....

Last week I saw one of the real benefits for the World Wide Web.

I'd lost contact with a good school friend some time ago and despite joining Friends Reunited I've had no luck tracking him down. OK, I guess I could have tried a few more things but at the end of the day I'd no idea if something had happened to him or whether life just got in the way but I stopped getting Christmas cards and the like some 10 years before.

Then I decided, following a suggestion from a friend at work, to try and Google him. Well .. he did have an fairly uncommon name, I knew he worked in 'electricity' and I knew he was based in the South East of England ... well ... the latter two were true 10 years ago anyway. So, armed with these three pieces of information I tried it.

On the first Google page was a link to a website from one of the major electricity suppliers ... based near Bexleyheath ... OK ... maybe I'd struck lucky.

I emailed the guy with an, 'I've lost contact with an old schoolfriend' email ... and waited.

And didn't have to wait long before I got a reponse.

I'd struck lucky .... he was OK .. his family were OK ... great news all round and a happy ending.

So ... the internet does have it's uses after all.

But with every silver lining is a cloud and now I worry about the livelihood of all those private detectives who used to pay their bills with missing persons cases ....


  1. Outstanding! Glad you found your pal.
    Great Tin Tin pic,the internet is one of the finer thing to happen to mankind and just wait till it gets sentient....(;

  2. Ah .. there you go ... now I'm worried ... I still have the power to switch it off though !! ... it does stay off when I go to bed doesn't it ? Maybe I need to sneak in and check it after I pretend to go to bed .. damn ... it'll know I'm going to do that now that I've typed it in here .... hmmm.

  3. Hey, my internet stopped working earlier and I tracked it down to somewhere near this blog. Did you turn it off Dave?

  4. Aha .. such is the extent of my power ... and there I was thinking that I only had the ability to mess up my own internet connections .. bwahahahahaaaha.
    When's RO going to actually be in the stores .. I was on hols .. a week in Southport .. and I must have popped into their Waterstone's store about twice a day ... sometimes dripping wet .. in my swimming trunks holding a bucket and spade ... damn ... I can't wait ...