Friday, 15 May 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still .... again.

Back in 1951 Robert Wise made the inspired The Day The Earth Stood Still. It had it all. Iconic robot Gort, strange almost-but-not-quite human Klatu and a message that played to the fears of the time in which it was made. Wonderful.
So why of why did they decide to remake it in 2009 ? I've read nothing good about the new version. I refuse to give any of my hard earned cash to support this sort of thing. There are a hell of a lot of good books out there just crying to be turned into a movie, so why not do one of those ?
I didn't see this at the cinema and now it's come out on DVD I've decided to give that a miss too ... maybe I'll be tempted when it's in the £2 bin.


  1. Redoing classic or iconic films always baffles me. I'm refusing to believe a scary rumour about Ghostbusters being remade.

  2. I love the original too but i saw the remake yesterday, thankfully i didnt pay for it. Theres some nice touches thrown in and i liked the fact the miltary give Gort his name (it stands for Genetically Organised Robotic Technology) but over all it was pretty lame.
    I cant get my head round the fact that i bet there are some killer scripts waiting to be turned into films out there never mind Hollywood ransacking every othere media they can think of.
    (Love the pic by the way!)

  3. Arrgh ... are they really going to ruin the memory of Ghostbusters next ? My daughter watched the first one only the other day, for the first time, and she loved it ... why bother remaking it .. just send the originals around the cinemas again.
    Ahhhh .. maybe they made a whole film because some bloke had a good idea about how to link the name Gort to today's terminology ... at least that would explain why there was very little substance to it.
    The only re-imagining I've seen that I actually enjoyed was Planet Of The Apes ... it wasn't as powerful as the original .. but I did enjoy it. Battlestar Galactica on the TV was pretty good too ... but I think they lost it a bit towards the end ...why don't they pick some crap films and remake them instead ... at least that was they won't be setting themselves up for a fall.

  4. Careful there, Dave. Some Hollywood exec might read this and remake Hudson Hawk. ;)

  5. Ah ... good point .. well made ... I'll say no more on the subject ... let's hope this little exchange slips under their radar ....