Saturday, 25 April 2009

Being Human ....

This BBC 3 series had been recommended to me by a few people, but I was still recovering from the mess that was the ITV series Demons, of which I survived a whole episode, and so avoided it. For a while anyway. Then I found myself reading the back of the DVD case in a local 'DVD and Music' Emporium and .. well .. it sounded interesting ... next minute I was walking out of the store with it in a DVD Case sized little bag.

I watched the complete 6 episode series over the next three evenings ... and ... well it's not that bad ... in fact it was quite good. I wanted it to take a darker deeper and less predictable direction, but the direction it did take was actually far better than many that it may have selected.
So, you have a house that is shared by a Ghost, a Werewolf and a Vampire ... what could go wrong ? Each episode tends to focus on one of the main characters, so we get to learn how they came to this point, but even the 'origin' stories were done in an interesting way.

Understated, as are most British dramas, we had the usual 'bad guy with his big plans' but this bad guy wasn't your all powerful demon, but merely one of the head vampires .. and he was a 'manipulative' rather than 'rip throats out' kind of monster .. although he did that too at times. Yep ... I've put this on my 'keep' pile and am looking forward to season 2.


  1. I loved this Dave, one of the best new series for a long time for me. I've ordered the Blu-Ray release to see it in all it's HD glory :-)

  2. Yeah ... I hope they continue on the same lines in series 2 ... if there is one. There's a lot of scope here ... so far so good :o)

  3. Yep, there is a series 2... I for one can't wait. Shame new-Who isn't this good...