Saturday 8 August 2009

Rainbow Orchid Discovered in Stockport.

Well the wait is over. I finally got my hands on a copy of Rainbow Orchid, an adventure graphic novelfrom good friend Garen Ewing.

In fact I bought my daughter a copy too, as when she reads a book she lives with it .. it ends up collecting food, folded (groan ..) corners, spends the odd night under her sleeping body and finally ends up on the floor of her bedroom amongst other well loved books and soft toys.

My copy however will be read wearing cotton gloves ... in a room that has had all moisture removed from it and will then find its way onto a book shelf .. well .. OK .. maybe the bit about the cotton gloves was a lie but the rest is pretty close.

It's a fabulous looking book .. the production is glorious ...the design excellent ... the story and artwork I know are top notch as I have a few versions of this as it has pulled itself through and then out of the Independent Comic world and into the welcoming arms of Egmont.

As I paid for my copies (and actually went back for a third as BORDERS seems to have a 2 for 3 deal on) I spoke to two of the staff, as it went through the tills. Both said they'd not noticed it, both said it looked great, very TinTin, and that they'd have to get a copy. This book is going to do exceptionally well ... and deserves all the success it gets.

The only thing left for me to do then was to pop back to the shelves to do a bit of re-merchandising (I moved a couple of copies into a more prime location at the end of the aisle) and then get home as quickly as possible so that I can read it.

Wonderful !!

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